Be the change
that you wish to see in the world.

— Mahatma Gandhi



Again, welcome! Here I'll share a bit more about me and my business. 

Abundance Art is a celebration of the creativity birthed through a time of immense personal growth and healing experiences in the form of trauma recovery. 

I have come to know and believe that there will always be enough, that my needs and desires will always be met and exceeded, that I am worthy of every blessing. My fear-based perspective and approach to life has shifted to one based on love. It is this abundance of love and life that provides the wellspring through which I am nourished... and in turn I nourish myself and others through my visual and written art.

In January 2011, I stepped away from full time work to slow down and explore my creative side. I had already been journaling for years, and now started painting, drawing and writing memoir as ways to find additional expression. Before, during and since this time, I also traveled extensively - living, working, volunteering and trekking internationally, and photographing life along the way. 

The years since have brought many blessing, trials and opportunities for growth. Plus prolific creativity. 

And so, in June 2014, having come from a background of perioperative (operating room/theatre) nursing for twenty years and healthcare information technology for fifteen years, I took a leap of faith to live out my life as artist and writer, owner of Abundance Art LLC. 

My vision and mission: To live abundantly, nourishing the world with what nourishes me.

As in my life, there are multiple paths through my website.  At one point, I was guided to remove all trauma related content, the idea being that it distracted my visitors from finding and purchasing my art. The reality was that, as I pruned content, it felt as if my very soul was being cut apart. Through this, I learned a very important truth: 

My story, my journey, my creativity comprise a complete whole that cannot and does not need to be pulled apart.

They can and should, however, be explored. Together or separately. So with great love I added back mandalas, poems, illustrated journal entries. And I felt whole again. So much that I wrote my first book about how creativity saved my life. 

Which means you have lots of choices about how to spend your time while you're here. And when you come back later.

Whichever path you choose, allow yourself time and space to linger, reflecting on what resonates. Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable bench in a beautiful park, inviting you to just be. 

My intention is to draw you in and touch your heart, help you along in your own journey. There is nourishment here for everyone; encouragement and inspiration, compassion and love. May you be blessed with your greatest wholeness and highest alignment.

Whimsy 1, Acrylic on canvas, 12"x18", $197. Click   here   to purchase original. Click   here   to order museum quality prints.

Whimsy 1, Acrylic on canvas, 12"x18", $197. Click here to purchase original. Click here to order museum quality prints.

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